Transparent, Efficient, and Accountable Local Government

We believe our Borough government should function efficiently, with openness and transparency, and be accountable to us, the taxpayers.  The importance of accountability is critical to an effective local government.  It is willingness to accept responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies.  

Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility, Spending Within our Means

Taxes paid by residents are implied contracts with our local government - every dollar spent should serve to benefit the community.  Contract and vendor selection must ensure competitive pricing and service.  Our Borough must work to maximize how our dollars are allocated and spent.

Preserving our Parks, Lakes, Open Spaces, and Community Character

We believe the natural beauty, architecture, and history of Mountain Lakes offers residents extraordinary value.  Our Borough government has a responsibility to respect and preserve our unique ecosystem and endorse policies that are mindful of our environment and historic designation.  We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the traditions, history, and value of Mountain Lakes.

Infrastructure Projects that Improve and Enhance the Borough

A community’s infrastructure - roads, sidewalks, facilities, communication, sewage, water and electric - impacts quality of life for residents and property value. Infrastructure supports economic activity and can serve to retain and attract families and businesses.  Local government must keep an eye on current and future needs and ensure our community can function better tomorrow than today.  

Efforts to Support and Attract Local Business

Communities that are supported by business and entrepreneurs have stronger local economies, enjoy the benefits of personalized and local services, and recognize the advantages of a more robust and diversifed tax base.  Local government has an important role in recognizing the value commercial taxpayers can offer to the overall community.  With this in mind we support reasonable initiatives to attract and retain local businesses in Mountain Lakes.